FLY Africa has a new beauty columnist, Ghanaian make-up artist, and vlogger Alexandrina. She is the founder and CEO of Alexiglam, a beauty brand and studio based in Accra, and her make-up skills have been used by homegrown stars such as Juliet Ibrahim and Joselyn Dumas as well as on the catwalk at the New York Fashion Show.

All your beauty warriors here…. this one’s for you.

Now that we can see a return to some type of new normalcy, the thought of a holiday trip never seemed so alluring. Here’s how to look your glamorous best from takeoff to touchdown.

Before you leave for the Airport

Give your face a deep cleanse. Skin Gourmet’s Tea Tree Black Soap is a good natural soap that also helps fight any inflammation on the skin.

Use an exfoliator such as a Hibiscus Tea Tree Scrub to gently scrub your face; this will prepare it for the next step.

Use toner to hydrate the skin and close pores. I recommend TM Essential Hydro Splash Spray (pour a small amount into a travel-size spray bottle and use this to hydrate your skin all through your flight)

Next, apply a moisturizing serum to your face; allow it to penetrate the skin fully for about two to three minutes. I personally love The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5.

Apply eye cream to soothe and nourish the under-eye area. Try Elizabeth Arden’s Visible Difference Moisturizing Eye Cream

Finally apply moisturizer to keep your skin, plump and hydrated. You’ll love the Nuban Beauty Hydrating Base.

Carry-on beauty must-haves:

  • Pack these travel-sized beauty items into a small clear pouch:
  • Hand sanitizer/sanitizing wipes
  • Hydrating spray
  • Moisturizing shea butter lip balm
  • Shea butter nourishing hand cream
  • A clear sealable bag with a set of unused masks and gloves.

Shop for these items and more on my page on Instagram @alexiglam and website Follow my personal beauty journey @alexandrinamakeup


Source: Article from: FLYafrica Magazine, Issue 8